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Friday, March 5, 2010

Poetry at its best!

This is a poem written by one of our adoring customers, Jenica (Washington.) Thanks Jenica! Be sure to keep an eye on the post man in the next couple weeks! ;)

Here is a little something to say how I love cloth diapering-

My friend and I were due together
She asked what diapers I planned to use
Cloth or sposies I said, whatever

Then I got interested and did some research
Cloth sounded like fun, and better for the Earth
I got sucked in to the world of fluffy butts
I built up a stash from prefolds to mutts

Then came a diaper that answered my prayers
Rump-a-rooz one size they didn't compare
With their super trim fit
And double leg gussets
My little roo's happy
Definitely no fussin'

I love to use cloth
And papa does too
As long as it's easy to use
And holds in the poo

Rump-a-rooz one size
The best you can use
Because they're the best
At keeping the poo off my roo

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  1. Just saw your 'birth' video over at All about cloth diapers. So, so cool!

  2. Poetry and cloth diapering go so well together! Thanks for sharing :)