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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Do You Store Your Dirty Cloth Diapers?

Put yourself in the moment; you’re at the changing table with your baby and you are changing your first cloth diaper (a Rump•a•rooz® of course) when you realize that the Genie that once magically made the disposable diapers disappear will no longer work for storing your dirty cloth diapers.

We all know by now that Mr. Genie doesn’t actually work any magic and those disposable diapers end up buried in a landfill and left to pollute our precious planet. But what do you do with your Rump•a•rooz® after you’ve removed them from your baby? Mr. Genie certainly won’t work for this.

Coming in a few short weeks Kanga Care has the perfect answer to your storage dilemma – the new Kanga Care Wet Bags and Pail Liners – available in all of the fabulous Rump•a•rooz® solid colors and prints to match your favorite cloth diaper.

Wet Bags – A wet bag is a water-proof bag with a zipper that will keep your dirty diapers safe and keep the smell sealed inside. You can store the wet bag in your nursery, bathroom, or take it with you on trips. It comes complete with a door knob friendly hanger that allows the wet bag to become part of your room d├ęcor. The wet bag holds about 15 cloth diapers and inserts.

Pail Liners – A pail liner is made of the same water-proof material as the wet bags but is made to fit inside of a diaper pail (or kitchen type trash can) and have a drawstring closure. You can place a pail and liner next to a changing table, in a closet, or in your laundry area. The pail liner would be a great accessory for traveling or if you have to do laundry at a laundry mat. Size: 26" tall, 16: diameter, 54" around

What makes Kanga Care wet bags and pail liners different from other brands?
  • New barrier seam sealing technology that physically seals the seam away from moisture without using any glue or ironing.
  • Wet bags come with color matching zippers and snaps (lifetime warranty).
  • Wet bags and liners are both made with environmentally safe TPU just like the Rump•a•rooz® cloth diapers. TPU will biodegrade when composted and will break down in 4.5-5 years.
  • They match your favorite Rump•a•rooz® solid color and prints.
Other ways you can use your Kanga Care wet bags and pail liners include storing mama (or family) cloth in bathrooms, storing dirty kitchen rags, storing other dirty clothes, storing wet swimwear and towels from the beach or pool, and storing wet gloves and hats from a day in the snow. How else do you use your wet bags?

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Twitter Party Time!

Hi, it’s Calley from Eco Chic Parties again! I hope that you’ve been enjoying your summer. I am excited to announce this week’s party sponsor is Rump∙a∙Roo®. If you joined us for the last Rump∙a∙Rooz® party you know we had a hopping good time after our Lil’ Joey’s were put to sleep talking about the new Kanga-Care website. This week – Thursday, July 22nd - Rump∙a∙Rooz® has invited many of their retailers to join in the fun as they re-launch the website. The new website will list all of the Rump∙a∙Rooz® retailers and additional details on their diapers. We would like to invite all of you to join!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


You have until NOON (any time zone) of July 22nd to get your "
What Would You Do to Win one of our New Rumparooz Print Diapers" YouTube video in!

Winners will be announced at the Twitter Party that night. The party starts at 7 pm (est).

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NEW Rumparooz Prints!...what would you do....



you now have until NOON (any time zone) of July 22nd to get your video in!


Q: What would you do to see the new prints?
Q: What would you do for a free Rump•a•rooz?
Q: What would YOU do to get one of the new prints
....FREE...before ANYONE else?!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twitter Party! Thursday night... Get Your TWEET on!

MORE INFO: Eco Chic Parties

Date: Thursday, May 27th, 2010
9-10pm ET
Use #kangacare on Twitter

Who to follow: @EcoChicParties, @Rumparooz, @KangaCare, @Rumparooz_Mike, @Rumparooz_Holly, and just incase I get in Twitter Jail for tweeting too much – @TheEcoChic

Event TweetGrid:

Do you have to RSVP? Yes, by following these simple steps you will be eligible for all our fabulous prizes!

1. Follow us on Twitter: @kangacare & @rumparooz
2. Follow the Rump•a•Rooz® blog,
3. Sign up for the Rump•a•Rooz® newsletter,
4. Create an account at Kanga Care,
5. Like us on Facebook,
6. Tweet about this party (be sure to include a link back here along with the #kangacare hashtag),
7. Enter your information into the McLinky on: Eco Chic Parties
8. Join us for a fun evening of Tweeting for a JNO (Jill’s Nite Out) and maybe even take home a prize!

Prize: To be eligible for the prizes you must join us for at least one tweet during the party!

1. One Lifefactory glass water bottle,
2. Winner choice (of 4 in-stock) Animalz figurines,
3. One $50 gift certificate for Kanga Care,
4. Our grand prize: TWELVE (yes 12) snap Rump•a•Rooz® – one in each of the 12 solid colors!

Prizes are open to residents of US and Canada (Canadians must pay duty and customs charges only).

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Customer Poem-testimonial

Cloth diapers it is for this family of mine.
We want to keep baby dry, happy and fine.
Not quite old fashioned like the ones from our Gram
It’s the modern cloth diaper for our little fam!

Got to be trim, on budget and baby,
Save us some money and rashes, just maybe.
We started with prefolds and a pocket or three
Then added some others, as cute as can be.
Never heard of a diaper made by Kanga Care
Until a friend said what her baby did wear.

Then I got on the web and found Kanga Care.
Why didn’t I know their dipe was out there?
Patent pending design keeps the “poo off my roo”
So I bought Rumparooz – what else could I do?

This diaper is special, here’s why, look with me –
The 6R soaker can hold all the pee.
Double leg gussets make a great “poop scoop”
You can choose from snaps, or hook and loop.
Micro-chamois lining keeps baby’s bum dry,
Now that is great news – no reason to cry!

Now we’re livin’ it up with our Rumparooz dipe,
Does this poem help you understand all the hype?
Rumparooz are the best – hear baby coo.
Cute colors and prints are on my little roo.
From newborn to potty, Rumparooz beats the rest,
We love Rumparooz, and we’re really impressed!

By Andrea Hamilton

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the Winners are...

Congratulations to our 4 Video Journal Families! The categories are:
  • Newborn Family - The Moores
  • Switching From Disposables - The Durens
  • Experienced Cloth Diaper Family - (1) The Gregorys and (2) The Lynchs
Congrats! Our first journal will start with the Moores! The little baby girl arrived last Tuesday and a box of Rump•a•rooz® and Lil•Joeys is on its way to them right now! The next 3 documentaries will be close behind.

Thank you to all who entered. We loved hearing from so many families who wanted to document their experiences with Rump•a•rooz®!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are open for business!  Our new showroom is up and running.  If you are in the Denver area, please stop by today to check out our new digs, sip some coffee or lemonade and enjoy some croissants and cookies.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Showroom Grand Opening! - Saturday, 3/13

1 day until...the SHOWROOM GRAND OPENING!
Saturday, March 13th: 11-4pm

showroom specials · beverages · snacks

Its been 3 years almost to the date since Julie launched a simple shopping cart web site online and started accepting custom orders for her amazing cloth diapers, the Rump·a·rooz®. The Rump·a·rooz® are now sold worldwide in over 32 different countries. We are excited to announce that Kanga Care now has a showroom location in conjunction with our shipping warehouse that will be open to the public. Please join us at our Grand Opening/Open House this Saturday. Doors open at 11.

*Coffee to be provided by local roaster and organic coffee company, Righteous Roasters.

Specials & Door Prizes!
...sign our visitor book and you will be entered into 5 chances to win hourly prizes!


FREE pair of BabyLegs with any purchase
...while supplies last

Showroom Specials ~ Saturday ONLY!

Newborn Starter Bundle(you customize!)
Special: $235.00! (reg. $263.34)


Baby Bundle(you customize!)
Special: $325.00! (reg. $365.49)

*Showroom Specials are not vaild online at this time. Offer good in-showroom only, on 3/13/10.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Poetry at its best!

This is a poem written by one of our adoring customers, Jenica (Washington.) Thanks Jenica! Be sure to keep an eye on the post man in the next couple weeks! ;)

Here is a little something to say how I love cloth diapering-

My friend and I were due together
She asked what diapers I planned to use
Cloth or sposies I said, whatever

Then I got interested and did some research
Cloth sounded like fun, and better for the Earth
I got sucked in to the world of fluffy butts
I built up a stash from prefolds to mutts

Then came a diaper that answered my prayers
Rump-a-rooz one size they didn't compare
With their super trim fit
And double leg gussets
My little roo's happy
Definitely no fussin'

I love to use cloth
And papa does too
As long as it's easy to use
And holds in the poo

Rump-a-rooz one size
The best you can use
Because they're the best
At keeping the poo off my roo

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Video Journal Update

Wow!  We have had a great response to our call for Video Diaries.  Email submissions will be accepted through this Sunday March 7th so start typing.  Three lucky families will be chosen to document a week of their lives with Rumparooz.  Check back here soon to find out who...

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

FREE Rump·a·rooz for everyone!

3 ways to get the Rump•a•rooz HOOK·UP!

#1: Video Journal = 24 Rump·a·rooz

We ar
e looking for 3 families to be selected to create a 1 week long video journal documenting their use of the Rump·a·rooz One Size Diaper. Each family will receive 24 Rumparooz to begin their documentary. Selected families should film each step of their experience with the Rumparooz from the beginning stages of wash and prep, to what to do with poop, then how to wash. Families will record their thoughts about their cloth diapering experience and feedback. We are looking for families that may fall into these 3 categories:
· Experienced cloth diapering family with at least one child in diapers of any age.
· Family using disposable diapers who are interested switching to cloth diapers. Baby of any age.
· Family of a newborn, ages 0-1 month (or due date still to arrive.)

*families should have their own personal video camera, iPhone G3s, Flip camera or similar.

To apply for the Rumparooz Video Journal position, please contact Briefly tell us a bit about your family and why you think you would be a good candidate for this experience.

DEADLINE for Video Journal applications is Midnight, March 7.


#2: Video Testimonial = FREE Rumparooz!

Do you
LOVE your Rumparooz? Want a FREE one? We are looking for your video testimonials to add to our YouTube Channel!

It's THIS easy:

1. Create your Video Testimonial (dont forget to show how cute the diaper is on your baby!) ~ Get creative
2. Upload your video to your YouTube account. (Dont have an account? They are free!)
3. Email us with the YouTube link to your video and we will add it to our favorites list. This will link your video to our
YouTube Channel!

To Claim Your FREE Diaper:

1. Subscribe to the
Rumparooz YouTube Channel
2. Comment on one of our uploaded videos (not favorites)

3. Subscribe to our
4. Comment on one of the blog posts.
5. Email us with the following information:
• Name
• Email
• Mailing Address
• Free diaper selection: colors and closure (prints and Lil•Joeys excluded)
• Where we can find your YouTube video comment
• Where we can find your blog comment
• The link to your YouTube Rumparooz Video Testimonial <-----------dont forget!

Video Testimonials will always be accepted. To qualify for a FREE DIAPER, video should be received by April 1st.


#3: Hit the Newsstands!

Have you been looking for a deal on
logo your next purchase of Rump·a·rooz®? Well keep your eyes peeled! Exclusive offers can be found all summer in your favorite parent, baby and lifestyle magazines.

Check out these subscriptions for valuable savings:

· Mothering (May & June)

· Pregnancy & Newborn (April & May)

· BabyTalk 2010-11 Pregnancy Planner Guide

· The Bump '10 (Denver, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles)

**Check The Bump for exclusive specials at 8 Rumparooz retailers.
· Expectant Mothers Guide 2010-12 (Denver, Boston, St.
Louis, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta)

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Friday, February 26, 2010


What's new with Kanga Care?  To start, we have this new blog up and running.  We hope you will stop by often to read and/or share about your cloth diapering experiences with Rumparooz.

Kanga Care is now located in Golden, CO.  We now have a 2500sf warehouse along with a spunky showroom!  We are putting the finishing touches on the remodeling of the showroom and are scheduled for the Grand Opening on March 13th!  Stay tuned for more details!

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