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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Customer Poem-testimonial

Cloth diapers it is for this family of mine.
We want to keep baby dry, happy and fine.
Not quite old fashioned like the ones from our Gram
It’s the modern cloth diaper for our little fam!

Got to be trim, on budget and baby,
Save us some money and rashes, just maybe.
We started with prefolds and a pocket or three
Then added some others, as cute as can be.
Never heard of a diaper made by Kanga Care
Until a friend said what her baby did wear.

Then I got on the web and found Kanga Care.
Why didn’t I know their dipe was out there?
Patent pending design keeps the “poo off my roo”
So I bought Rumparooz – what else could I do?

This diaper is special, here’s why, look with me –
The 6R soaker can hold all the pee.
Double leg gussets make a great “poop scoop”
You can choose from snaps, or hook and loop.
Micro-chamois lining keeps baby’s bum dry,
Now that is great news – no reason to cry!

Now we’re livin’ it up with our Rumparooz dipe,
Does this poem help you understand all the hype?
Rumparooz are the best – hear baby coo.
Cute colors and prints are on my little roo.
From newborn to potty, Rumparooz beats the rest,
We love Rumparooz, and we’re really impressed!

By Andrea Hamilton

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  1. I saw that video! IT was super cute!

  2. Yeah RaR--what a creative poem! Who could resist a RaR on baby's bum?